“We're the course that looks out for the people and we are proud of it.”

The Bear Creek Golf Club is family owned and operated 18-hole golf course and special event facility located only minutes from downtown Grande Prairie. The golf course provides a fun and challenging golf experience for golfers of all playing abilities. If you are playing golf while in Grande Prairie, you can't miss out on this memorable golf experience.

Bear Creek Golf Club is located on NW corner of Grande Prairie and was built in 1991. After going through several ownership changes in the first 7 years of operation, Ranson Lasell who at that time had been involved in the golf industry for over 12 years and his wife Ramona Lasell bought Bear Creek with several investors in 1999. Back then it was known as a cow pasture, but after many years of dedicated work and improvements, Bear Creek is now an alluring and charming golf course defined by a welcoming family environment, friendly service, and quality course conditions.

As part of the history, in 2017 the business component of Bear Creek was purchased outright by husband and wife team Ranson and Ramona as well as their 4 children. Family run is almost a misrepresentation as all the kids are or have been part of the operation of Bear Creek, with Brayden taking a bigger role on the Maintenance side to young Denaya running around the Clubhouse showing everyone that she knows how it is done. The Lasell family have continually grown and improved this facility at the same time realizing through the years of operation what a family they are with all the members. So many members from the Beagan’s, to the Sauverwald’s or Auxi’s are not just members but part of the Bear Creek Family that all take pride and ownership in the entire operation and help maintain the “Cheers like” atmosphere.

The Lasell family strive to continually employee local people, from single Moms, College Students and Seniors to people who enjoy working with the public and enjoy being outdoors while seeking to provide all the quality amenities of a city course but the services and feel of a small family-oriented community of friends and members. Bear Creek strives to offer user friendly conditions, incredible food and best of all the friendly and outgoing staff.

Bear Creek is the spot for tournaments and the casual golfers and families, and is very popular for Weddings, Christmas Parties and everything in between.

For more information, please contact Ranson and/or Ramona at 780-538-3393